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  • Learn more about your Pineal Gland, Chakras, and learn how to strengthen your Intuition so you can develop crystal clear intuition.
  • Learn about the three main Intuitive centers and learn how to clear them so you "see with clear sight".
  • Explore and learn more about exactly what you can do to awaken your spiritual gifts.
  • Learn how to trust yourself and protect your energy field.
  • Learn tools believed to boost immunity, and strengthen your Anahata.
  • Learn the "Diamond Mind Meditation" developed by Schamet Horsfield that will keep you tapped in tuned in, and bring you energetic protection, strength, and peace during these uncertain times.

Testimonial Reviews from those who have attended Schamet Horsfield's chakra energy healing sessions events, training, and workshops

Real connection, real people, shared by beautiful souls who have experienced the magic of Schamet's Intuitive Energy Medicine.

Schamet teaches from her heart and her style is fluid, dynamic, and she has her unique brand of magic to share which is uplifting and illuminating.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy classes in yoga and chakra work with Schamet, but I also had an amazing private healing session with her.

She is insightful and made me feel truly seen and cared about.

Schamet is a rare gem, a sparkling diamond and I am so glad to have the opportunity to spent time with her and I will be going to many more of her sessions.

- Heather Main: Artist and Goddess

I was blessed to be able to receive a Chakra healing session from Schamet Horsfield. She is truly a divine Goddess and provided me with insight and compassionate understanding in a loving, honoring space. The healing I received was much more than expected - it was a bouquet of loveliness! With psychic guidance, an exploration of my chakras revealing my strengths and providing practical dietary guidance to allow my solar plexus chakra to shine. I knew I needed this healing and look forward to attending more workshops guided by Schamet Horsfield. I highly recommend her workshops and healing sessions 

~Maria Davey: Counselor/Healer

I’ve attended Schamet’s Women’s Wisdom workshops and have had the pleasure of attending her Manifesting Abundance through the Chakras course. I’ve always felt really safe, empowered and positively challenged by her beautiful facilitation. I came across Schamet and her services at the perfect time when I was needing to connect with myself more and grow as a person. I couldn’t recommend Schamet enough, a beautiful healer with oodles of experience and wisdom to share.

- Sahra J Birtwistle: Youth Worker

Schamet is a genuinely connected and intuitive healer. I feel great after a private session with her and have learned much in her circles and courses. For a warm, loving and powerful experience, I recommend Schamet without reservation.

- Calli Veludos: Teacher in New Zealand

Schamet Horsfield is an Intuitive energy healer, Chakra Teacher/Healer, Transformational Abundance Mindset Coach, Spiritual Midwife, and tree hugging lover of Planet Earth.

Schamet has been successfully manifesting for over 20 years and has the "superpower" ability to be able to see and feel into the chakras. She facilitates healing, balancing, clearing, and helps her clients decode what their energy blocks, self limiting beliefs, so one can make more informed decisions, have greater awareness, and manifest their most abundant life of their dreams.

Schamet works with clients privately as well as teaches online, Chakra Yoga, Manifesting Courses, Intuitive and Psychic development courses.

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