Journey Through the Chakras Manifesting an Abundant Life


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Are you ready to manifest your most abundant life, the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to let go of anything that might be standing in your way to your highest potential?

Are you ready to go of self limiting beliefs? And step into your own personal power?

Are you ready to be UNSTOPPABLE?

YES! I'm ready to Manifest An Abundant Life. 

Great news... I am Schamet Horsfield and I can help you as I have been manifesting my most abundant life for over 20 years. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain with this FREE Masterclass!

Hi, I am Schamet Horsfield and I am so glad you are ready to Manifest Your Most Abundant life of your dreams.

I am here to help....because I love ABUNDANCE, I LOVE HUMANITY, and I LOVE TRANSFORMATION!

If you are anything like me you have read books on Manifesting, You have watched the Secret, you have watched every Law of Attraction video ever made over and over, you have many books on Manifesting, yet you feel like something is missing.

You start to Manifest and then something goes terribly wrong...Or you have manifested exactly what you want but now you realize it wasn't actually what you really wanted.

Perhaps, you know you are good at manifesting but your stuck in a pattern of manifesting what you don't want....or you get close to it and then you self sabotage.

You might even be afraid to Manifest, feel frustrated, and now you really don't know what to do....perhaps you feel you just cant Manifest properly.

I know. I understand. I can help.

In this Masterclass I give you tips, tricks, and own my secret sauce of how to Manifest...its been working for me for over 20 years.

Why am I giving sooo much FOR FREE you might ask?

#1) It is my belief that if every single person awakens to their soul path purpose and manifests their most abundant life then we are closer to world peace.

#2) I know (from over 20 years of manifesting experience) Its much more difficult to get out of what you have have manifested then to manifest it in the first place and I want to make sure you manifest powerfully so you don't make the same messy mistakes I made!

#3) I'm doing this work because I am committed to true transformation.

My Vision:

If I can help guide you and pass on my wisdom then you can help others and then together we rise! And everyone wins as we can all POWERFULLY Manifest Heaven on Earth! I want this for YOU, for our children, and for their children....and I hope this is a lovely introduction & I get the opportunity to work with you on a deeper level so you can make quantum jumps in your own healing journey and inner transformation so you can powerfully of manifest your most abundant life....a life of your dreams.

I hope you enjoy my Masterclass and get pearls of wisdom that help bring you more of what you do want.

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YES! Im ready to Manifest An Abundant Life. 

Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Schamet.

Real success, real people, shared by beautiful souls who completed my 7-week Manifesting course

Schamet has been blessed with an incredible gift for healing. Her ability to change peoples energy by merely being in her presence is undeniable and she is gracious in her enthusiasm and passion to help others. I found the Chakra Manifesting course to be centered around empowering people to empower themselves and for that reason such a course is a wonderful investment in self care. All within a safe space that Schamet facilitates. I experienced amazing transformation in some of my thinking patterns and am excited for the transformation to continue even though the course has ended. Because this course teaches tools, it is like planting seeds in your mind garden and learning how to nurture the plants as they sprout so that the abundance can continue long after the course has ended. A must do for those ready to work through some blocks and commit to their dreams. 

Thank you Schamet ~Natasha Armstrong 

I highly recommend working with Schamet. I have been to her beautiful Cacao Ceremony's, her one on one Chakra healing session and also her 7 week Manifesting Your Dream through the Chakras. Through the 7 week Chakra workshop Schamet supported me, shared her wisdom, helped me feel more powerful and confident in who I am. I felt like I was in the right place. There is no judgment on who you are when you are in Schamet's presence. It is a beautiful safe place to be. She is a goddess, healing and teacher. I'm so grateful that I found her online and got the chance to attend her workshops/circles.  

- Rebecca Baddeley (Intimacy Coach) 

I’ve attended Schamet’s Women’s Wisdom workshops and have had the pleasure of attending her Manifesting Abundance through the Chakras course. I’ve always felt really safe, empowered and positively challenged by her beautiful facilitation. I couldn’t recommend Schamet enough, a beautiful healer with oodles of experience and wisdom to share. 

- Sahra J Birtwistle (Youth Worker)

Schamet provided a beautiful safe environment for my transformation and she supported me every step of the way. I am so grateful to her for her strength and wisdom. I also learnt tools to keep moving forward. I sincerely recommend to anybody this life-changing workshop. 

- Nicola Barrett (Business ownerThe Beach House) 

Schamet Horsfield is an Intuitive & clairvoyant energy healer, Chakra Teacher/Healer, Abundance Mindset Coach, Spiritual Midwife, and tree hugging lover of Planet Earth.

Schamet has been successfully manifesting for over 20 years and has the "superpower" ability to be able to see and feel into the chakras.

Schamet facilitates healing, balancing, clearing, and helps her clients decode what their energy blocks & self limiting beliefs are so there is greater awareness, transformational healing which creates the ability to manifest an abundant life on all levels.

Schamet works with clients online privately, as well as teaches online Chakra Yoga, Manifesting Courses, Chakra Healing Circles, and Intuitive and Psychic development courses.

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