Om Baby, Child of the Universe by Schamet Horsfield.

Om Baby, Child of the Universe. 

Om Baby, Child of the Universe is a new paradigm superhero, and a children's picture book made using recycled paper, soy inks, and a tree is planted for every book created. Om Baby inspires and models core values such as love, peace, kindness & community

  • Written for new paradigm families that want a new paradigm superhero for their kids that models aligned values, love, kindness, and loves planet earth.
  • Om Baby hugs trees and a tree was planted for every book made.
  • Printed using recycled paper and soy inks.
  • Finally a children's picture book and superhero that embraces all cultures and all walks of life!
  • Get your personally signed copy from the author herself for only $19.99 plus $10.00 worldwide shipping.
Yes, I would like to buy a signed by the author copy of Om Baby today!

"Om Baby, Child of the Universe is a lovely children's book and Schamet Horsfield is a success story when it comes to self-publishing her children's picture book."

-Reid Tracy of Hay House Publishing.

"What a delightfully refreshing children's book! Om Baby is for the very special Children of Now that are gracing our planet. It is a very simply written book from 2010, in hard cover, nicely illustrated on every page, with peaceful colors of nature. There are 44 pages in all (ahhhh-the number of the angels). It is a spiritual-based book and is even printed on recycled paper and soy-based ink.

Om Baby is a cool little dude. He has only ONE eye because he sees the world and all beings as one. He believes in love, peace, and unity. And he wears the Om symbol close to his heart to remind him that he is a child of the universe. He was inspired by the author's son. She wanted to create a children's book character who would help to teach her own child about our responsibility to the earth and to each other. (WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA!!!) (BTW--for each Om Baby book made, a tree is planted.)

Om Baby is a cute little guy, his face similar to the Egyptian Eye of Horus. As stated, he wears the Om symbol on his clothing and he is smiling, happy, and peaceful in every picture. He is about loving people, being peaceful, being kind to animals, believing in the power of his mind, reading, loving science, art, mystery, and adventure. He eats his green veggies, does yoga, sings, dances, and believes in love, truth and community in a multicultural society. He even plants trees and recycles and he believes in his dreams.

Again, each page is nicely illustrated in pictures that I believe children would enjoy. Even the details in some of the pictures are important and well thought out. For example, where "Om Baby likes to read"--he is sitting on Mom or Dad's lap in a rocking chair and they are reading a book. In the background are bookshelves with other books, with the names of the books facing out. Some of these titles are: The Light Within; Family; Healing; Star Children; Happiness; Our Planet Earth; Meditation; Joy; Peace; Natural Time. There is even a pyramid and 2 smiling stuffed toys on the shelves. Some other interesting details are energy swirls here and there, a circle to represent unity, mother earth with a mother and child embedded on it, yoga and meditation poses, windmill power, a yin yang symbol, hearts and smiling faces everywhere--heck--even the animals are smiling!

This is such a nice book to read and give to your child! Said to be for ages 6 and under, primarily, but I enjoyed it myself.

~Kathy W.

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"My girls love Om Baby! The bright, cheerful illustrations capture their attention and incite fights over who gets to hold the book during storytime - which I totally realize is contrary to the message of the book, but we're working on it.

Grownups, children and babies alike will fall in love with Om Baby, a righteous little zen rockstar who teaches love, patience, sustainability and kindness.

I feel a little better about the future, knowing an entire generation of kiddos have this type of book to help them grow.

On a personal note, I had the opportunity to meet the amazing author and sign Om Baby's petition for world peace. Schamet is an inspired, inspiring mama. I love that a tree is planted for every copy of Om Baby sold, and that Schamet chose earth-conscious materials to craft the book.

~Christina-Marie Wright

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"There should be more children's books like this. I loved the message. Kids need to feel like they can do anything and also that we need to take care of our families and communities as they were ourselves. It will be my mission to find more books like this for my little man. It also helps me realize that I need to be more loving or compassionate."


"This is a bright colorful book looking at the metaphysical world through a child's eye. We see how we can all share this world loving each other and caring for that which is around us. And isn't that what we all really wish for. So with child-like faith and belief, Om Baby sees life around him is filled with love, truth, and unity. What a positive message to give."


Om Baby, Child of the Universe Written, Illustrated, & Self Published by Schamet Horsfield.

Om Baby Books are a series of children's picture books written and illustrated by new paradigm change agent and mother, Schamet Horsfield.

Schamet's first book in the series is called Om Baby, Child of the Universe.

It is a beautiful book full of colorful illustrations that are about love, peace, and happiness.

The book's text emphasizes the importance of family, friends, and community

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