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Learn how to master the keys of the chakra system, unlock the doorway to your potential, align to your soul path purpose, & manifest your most abundant life.

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Join the Sacred Divine Conscious Creatrix  Community!

Are you ready to delve deep, move through abundance blocks, and let go of beliefs that no longer serve you?

Learn step by step tried and true tools to birth your vision into reality and manifest your most abundant life. 

Gain an in-depth somatic understanding of the chakra system

Rewrite Your money story. 

Learn how to let go and surrender to your highest good. 

Break though Abundance blocks once and for all.

Learn powerful tools to help you find your ground no matter where you are.

Step into the authenticity of who you are with a balance of love and true personal power. 

Establish physical and energetic boundaries.

Step into the ability to say NO. Activate your courage to commit to YES.

Find you soul path purpose work & Connect with your tribe.

Gain tools so that you can be in the driver seat of your life.

Find your authentic voice 

Speak your truth powerfully 

Learn how to communicate from your heart, mind, and embody your voice.

Become a respected and powerful voice that people listen to.

Remove abundance blocks, raise your vibration, and connect to your higher self.

Become crystal clear about what "YOUR" dreams are. Connect with your Intuition so you may consciously create the life of your dreams. 

Manifest with laser beam precision so you get exactly what you are consciously creating.

Become a master manifestor who knows how to surrender and let go...and I mean "really" let go.

Trust that the Universe supports you.

Join the Sacred Divine Conscious Creatrix Community!

If you ARE you ready to make a quantum jump in your healing...

You are ready to learn about your chakras, your energy field, dive deep into your beliefs, investigate blind spots, and want the true and lasting transformation from the inside out so you can be the change you want to see in the world...

If you are ready to upgrade your operating system and rewrite your story so it's working for you and not against you so you can stat Manifesting powerfully.... then join us for the Chakra Journey of self-discovery, transformation, true and lasting change.

I would love to be your guide upon the rainbow bridge of true and lasting transformation so you can align to your soul path purpose and successfully Manifest an Abundant life of your dreams!!

Schamet Horsfield is an Intuitive & clairvoyant energy healer, Chakra Teacher/Healer, Priestess & Oracle, Spiritual Midwife, and tree-hugging lover of Planet Earth.

Schamet has been successfully manifesting for over 20 years and has the "superpower" ability to be able to see and feel into the chakras.

Schamet facilitates healing, balancing, clearing, and helps her clients decode what their energy blocks & self-limiting beliefs are. When there is greater awareness, healing can occur.

Schamet holds a safe and sacred space for lasting transformation to take place. Schamet teaches the tools in combination with energetic healing so people have the ability to manifest an abundant life on all levels.

Schamet works with clients online privately, as well as teaches online Chakra Yoga, Manifesting Courses, Chakra Healing Circles, Intuitive and Psychic development courses, and a 9 Month Priestess Training.

Join the Sacred Divine Conscious Creatrix  Community!

7 Week Journey Through the Chakras with Schamet Horsfield

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